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So, while I've managed to fix the broken hinge with my laptop, it still crashes regularly when assembled. Kate was so kind as to write up what I'm look for for one of her boards, so I'm reposting that description to save time:

He needs it primarily for work, so gaming capability isn't all that important.Because he runs some Windows-specific software, he'd prefer to stick with a Windows-based system. He also tends to be rough on his laptops, so it needs to be reasonably durable. ToughBooks are a bit out of his price range, though;he's looking to stay in the $800-1200 range and ToughBooks are $2k+. Finally,he likes the 15+" screen that he has but could go lower if the resolution is good.

Also, he'd not want to get it from NewEgg, as he's had some bad experiences and frustration with them sending the wrong item repeatedly, and thus doesn't really want to do business with them.

(Data transfer isn't a problem as he backed everything up to an external HD the moment things started acting oddly.)

So, anyone have any advice? I'm thinking of going with Best Buy just so I have a place to return it to if there's trouble, although I could deal with amazon or the like.

Date: 2010-02-06 10:22 pm (UTC)
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You've seen the abuse that my PowerBook has taken and it's still ticking nicely. A MacBook Pro combined with VM Ware Fusion or Cross-Over would be able to handle all your Windows application needs.
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